Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Conference Table Design – Choosing a Shape

Choosing a conference table shape is the first step in designing the right piece for your office.

Here are some major factors to consider:
  • the functions you need to accommodate
  • how many people you'll seat
  • room size and shape
  • preference for conventional or show-stopping design
Some of our most popular conference table shapes

Rectangle - a time-honored shape, suited to businesses that want to convey solidity and engender trust
Round – a sociable setting that stimulates lively interaction
Boat – a modern take on the typical rectangular table
Racetrack – rounded table ends create extra seats, compared to the same size table with square ends
V-shaped – great for video conferencing and seating a large group so everyone can make eye contact
Custom – inventing a custom shape helps you take advantage of an unusually configured room, meet specific functional requirements or create a table that makes a statement. We’ve designed everything from boomerang to arrowhead shapes.
Custom - T-shaped

Need help deciding on the best shaped table for your conference room? We’re always happy to answer your questions or walk you through the decision process.

Get in touch with Bob Franz, our head designer: (877) 594.9160 or .

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