Monday, February 3, 2014

Get Conference Room Design Ideas from the Pros

Thanks to your support, we've been outfitting offices with state-of-the-art custom furniture for over 25 years now. And as they say, we're not getting older -- we're getting better!

Your requests have challenged us to keep our problem solving skills polished to a high shine. Here's a story of how we collaborated with a Santa Rosa, California client to create a stylish, technology-ready conference room. 
High-tech furniture transforms med-tech office

Modern convex shape, fusion maple finish boardroom table seats 14 in Trivascular's Santa Rosa conference room.
Modern boardroom table, hidden wiring

Growing medical devices firm Trivascular, Inc. was outgrowing its office furniture. When the CEO assigned Executive Assistant Tonja Jennings, who had no design expertise, the task of redesigning their boardroom, "I panicked," she says.

In her online research she discovered us as an ally right in her Bay Area backyard.

Design education
Most of our clients have never bought a conference table, let alone designed a custom, tech-enhanced piece. So we educate as we walk them through it.

Design Director Bob Franz asked Tonja a series of thought-provoking questions about their business and style preferences. Together, they settled on a modern design to reflect the company's focus on science and innovation. 

The final specs: 
- 4' x 14', to seat 14
- Fusion maple laminate finish, with a 4" black  border & Reverse Styledge

Technology and wire management built in

Choosing built-in technology for the table wasn't even on Tonja's radar, so she appreciated that Bob raised the subject. She broadened the discussion by including the company's IT director in the design process.

The result was a conference table with computer connectivity, up-to-the-minute presentation capabilities and a room free of visible cords.

Franz provided plan view line drawings of the boardroom showing the new conference table in place. The electrician knew precisely where to bring the wires up through the floor to ports in the table bases.

Next step, the lobby

The Trivascular folks were impressed and asked Franz to go a step further -- to design reception furniture that
Santa Rosa firm, Trivascular, asked for a curved, glass-topped reception desk in fusion maple to match their new conference table.
Curved reception desk with side table
matched the newly outfitted boardroom. "Now our furnishings are elegant, modern and professional," says Tonja. "They've transformed our offices and we consistently receive compliments from our guests and clients."

Stump us

We have a penchant for puzzles, so get in touch with your tough office furniture questions.

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