Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Add power and data to your conference table or buy a new one?

Here’s how we help our clients weigh the big question:  retrofit or purchase a new tech-ready conference table?

When to retrofit your table
  • Your table is new and expensive
  • It was custom crafted by a carpenter or made of a long-wearing material such as granite
  • It's a vintage table made from solid planks of beautiful maple or oak
If you’re afraid to cut into your table to embed the power and data modules, we understand. It can be tricky. One option is the low-profile outlets we can provide. They install under the edge of table with no cutouts required. You can still keep wires underneath, out of sight.

Retrofitting cost, risk & process 
pop up power and data port installed in a maple finish Franz-designed conference table
Before you move ahead, take a moment to consider the time and money required to retrofit your table:
  • Substantial expense – you may not want to invest in updating an
    older, inexpensive or low quality conference table
  • Module & installation costs – good quality modules can start
    at $450, and you’ll need to hire a professional to create the cut-outs
    and install the modules
  • Risks of cutting into the table – with very little room for error,  precision work is critical. Will the material hold up to the installation process? Veneer could split, etc.
  • Suitability of the table – are there brackets under the table that will obstruct the power modules? Is there a center stability support that will prevent you from cutting a hole in the middle? Consider the thickness and material of table in making your decision.
  • Mess, noise and time lost – the retrofitting process is not a pretty one, and not necessarily quick
When to consider a new conference table
Bank of Marin's new conference table with power and data ports
If you're willing to compromise, you may be able to get a few more years from your old table. Here are some indications that purchasing a new table would suit you better:
  • It has to be right –  when you need a table to fit your space, design preferences and technology requirements, consider having it custom  produced
  • To make an impression – choose a design that reflects your company’s image and culture
  • Your company is tech savvy – you're already using today’s technology in the conference room, and will continue to upgrade and add new capabilities as technology evolves
  • Your table is biting the dust – if it's wobbly or showing wear, is a starter piece you’ve outgrown, or the design stands out – in a bad way – then you're on the path to a new table
We’d be happy to answer your questions or walk you through the decision-making process. Get in touch with a Franz design professional.

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