Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Designing Large Conference Tables That Work

Large v-shaped conference table made to seat a crowd. With embedded logo made in USA by Franz.
Large conference tables are one of our specialties. We’ve built tables all the way up to 35 feet long, for 35 people. (A rule of thumb is you can seat the same number of people as the table is long.)

Among the clients we’ve provided with oversized tables are Lockheed Martin and several military and government facilities.

Designing a large table
One of the important questions we consider when designing a large table is the type of material. If you’d like to use a wood veneer, we advise you that some of our pre-finished veneers come in standard size sheets. This means the tabletop will need to be built in more sections, which leads to more seams and higher costs.

That’s why we ask an extensive array of questions to determine how the table will be used. Your answers help us identify the size and materials that will work best. And we can recommend alternatives you’d have no way of finding out about through casual online research.

Table shape matters
The shape of the table and configuration of power and data modules are also key points we walk you through. How can we make it comfortable for a large number of people to interact and conduct business around a table?

For instance, you can fit two more people around a racetrack table than a rectangular shape. And a V-shaped table will give a clearer view to everyone in a large group.

What kind of technology will your company need? Microphones? Videoconferencing modules? Presentation capabilities? We’ll help you decide. And if made in USA is important you, your table will be created at our design and production studio in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Bob Franz, San Francisco Bay Area designer of large conference tables
Bob Franz, Design Director

Let us answer your questions about the size and features of a large conference table that will best suit your office. Email or call Bob Franz at 415.883.9500, ext. 14. 

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